Tenant protection during the novel coronavirus outbreak

A running list of eviction moratoriums and other tenant protections, and advice for staying safe as a renter during the CoVid-19 epidemic. Brought to you by Augrented, the first AI-driven apartment ratings service.

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The Federal coronavirus economic recovery package provides surprisingly extensive eviction protection:

The CARES Act provides that for a 120-day period beginning on March 27, 2020 (the “Moratorium Period”), the landlord of a “covered dwelling” cannot (A) make, or cause to be made, any filing to initiate a legal action to recover possession of the covered dwelling from the tenant for nonpayment of rent; and (B) impose any fees, penalties or other charges on a tenant for late payment of rent.
The CARES Act further provides that during the Moratorium Period the landlord of a covered dwelling cannot: (A) require a tenant to vacate a dwelling unit located in the applicable property before the date that is 30 days after the date the tenant is provided a notice to vacate; and (B) may not issue a notice to vacate until after the expiration of the Moratorium Period.

It's only applicable to buildings financed with a Federally backed mortgage (and participants in certain subsidized housing programs), but that is a large share of rental buildings, especially single family homes and small buildings owned by small "mom and pop" landlords. While the only way to tell whether you're covered for sure is to look up your building's mortgage deeds (which are public records and available online in some areas), many other mortgage providers have extended similar "holidays" to landlords.


There are now so many eviction moratoriums and other measures in place, we made a table so you can find your city or state easily. Let us know if we've missed on! Follow Augrented on Twitter for live updates.

State City/county Measure Link Duration
AL Statewide Partial court stoppage Order 30 Days
AK Statewide Court stoppage Order Until 3 April
AZ Partial eviction moratorium Order 120 Days
CA Statewide Partial eviction moratorium Announcement Until 31 May
CA Statewide Eviction cases postponed Report Until 90 days after emergency
CA San Francisco Partial moratorium Announcement 30 Days
CA Alameda Cty (Oakland) Court stoppage Announcement 3 Weeks
CA Alameda Cty (Oakland) Eviction hold Tweet 3 Weeks
CA Burbank Partial eviction moratorium Order During emergency
CA Fresno Eviction court closure Order Until 3 April
CA Inglewood Eviction moratorium Order 45 Days
CA San Jose Partial evictio moratorium Announcement 30 Days +
CA Los Angeles Partial eviction moratorium Announcement
CA Pasadena Partial eviction moratorium Announcement During emergency (?)
CA Sacramento Council discussions Council Report TBD
CA San Bernardino Eviction moratorium Report Until 31 May
CA San Diego Eviction moratorium Report 30 Days
CA San Francisco Court stoppage Announcement 90 Days
CA Santa Monica Eviction moratorium Announcement During state of emergency
CA South Lake Tahoe Eviction moratorium Report Until at least 31 May
CO Statewide Eviction moratorium Order Until April 30
CO Denver Eviction execution hold Announcement "Temporary"
CT Statewide Eviction moratorium Order Until 1 May
DC Eviction suspension Announcement Until further notice
DE Statewide Partial court stoppage Order Until May 1
FL Statewide Eviction hold Order Until 17 April
FL Miami-Dade Eviction warrant hold Report Until Further Notice
FL Orange County Eviction warrant hold Report Until Further Notice
HI Statewide Court stoppage Order Until 30 April
IA Statewide Eviction moratorium Order During emergency
ID Statewide Partial court stoppage Order Until further notice
IL Statewide Eviction moratorium Order During emergency
IL Cook County (Chicago) Eviction hold Announcement 30 Days
IL DeKalb County Partial eviction moratorium Order Until 17 April
IL Kendall County Partial eviction moratorium Order Until 17 April
IN Statewide Eviction moratorium [Order] (https://www.in.gov/gov/files/EO_20-06.pdf)
KS Statewide Eviction moratorium Order Until 1 May
KY Statewide Court stoppage Announcement Until 10 April
LA New Orleans Eviction moratorium Report Until 24 April
MA Statewide Court stoppage Tweet Until 21 April
MD Statewide Eviction moratorium Announcement During state of emergency
ME Statewide Eviction moratorium Order Until 1 May
MI Statewide Eviction moratorium Order Until 17 April
MI Detroit (36th District Court) Court Stoppage Notice Until Further Notice
MN Statewide Eviction moratorium Order During emergency
MO Statewide Partial court stoppage Order
MT Statewide Non-binding eviction moratorium Order Until April 30
NC Statewide Partial court stoppage Order 30 Days
NE Partial eviction moratorium Order Until 31 May
NH Eviction moratorium Order During emergency
NK Camden County Eviction moratorium Report Until further notice
NM Statewide Partial eviction moratorium Notice Temporary
NV Statewide Eviction moratorium Report Until further notice
NV Henderson County Court stoppage Order 60 Days (cases)/Until 17 April (warrants)
NV Las Vegas Eviction hold Order Until further notice
NV North Las Vegas Eviction hold Order Until further notice
NY Statewide Eviction moratorium Announcement 90 Days from 22 March
OH Dayton Court stoppage (evictions) Tweet Until 30 April
OR Statewide Partial eviction moratorium Order 90 Days
OR Multnomah County (Portland) Eviction moratorium Report 26 March (city)/10 April (county)
PA Statewide Eviction moratorium Announcement During judicial emergency
RI Eviction moratorium Announcement Until 17 April
SC Statewide Eviction moratorium Order Until 1 May
TN Statewide Eviction moratorium Order Until 30 April
TX Statewide Eviction moratorium Order Until 19 April
TX Austin Court stoppage Tweet Until 1 April
TX Bexar County Eviction hold Order 30 Days
TX Travis County Court/eviction hold Tweet 30 Days (Court)/60 Days (Possession)
WA Statewide Partial eviction moratorium Tweet 30 Days
WA Seattle Eviction moratorium (non-payment) Order 30 Days
WI Dane County Eviction moratorium Report 30 Days


Via Ian Madrigal, news of a call for a nationwide eviction moratorium by Sens Elizabeth Warren and Jeff Merkley:

Cities and States with an eviction moratorium

An eviction moratorium can be declared by a State Governor–Andrew Cuomo in New York or Gavin Newsom in California, for instance, or sometimes a Mayor. It's also possible for a law to be passed in a city or state assembly to protect tenants during a crisis.

An eviction moratorium means that no tenants can be evicted while an emergency persists. That protection can be complete–meaning that no-one can be forced from their homes during the coronavirus epidemic–or may only apply to causes for eviction which are directly related to the crisis, in the case of CoVid-19, tenants being unable to pay rent because of quarantines, travel restrictions or their own illness or that of someone they care for.

This list of eviction moratoriums in response to the coronavirus epidemic will be updated regularly as new cities and states pass measures to protect their renters.


With probably the nation's strongest tenant protection laws, it's not surprising that California cities like San Francisco have taken the lead in passing tenant protections during the crisis. CA Assemblymember Phil Ting has said he will introduce a bill to prohibit evictions and foreclosures throughout California during the coronavirus crisis. Likewise, prominent housing advocate Scott Weiner (D, San Francisco) has said:

I'm calling on both California and the federal government to immediately place an emergency moratorium on evictions...We're all in this together, and as we move through this emergency, we need to support each other and give each other leeway to focus exclusively on keeping people healthy.

We'll update this blog as these measures move forward.

San Francisco

Via Liam Dillon at the LA Times, we have news of a partial eviction moratorium in San Francisco:


Via Sam Lew at 48hills:

Mayor London Breed said she will issue a directive to place a moratorium on evictions in the midst of the coronavirus at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting. The directive follows District 5 Supervisor Dean Preston’s March 6 announcement to introduce legislation doing the same.
SF heads toward eviction moratorium

UPDATE 3/13:

Surprising news as some of San Francisco's more notorious landlords join the Real Estate Board of New York in a voluntary pause on evictions. Still no word from the SF Apartment Association, however!


Mayor London Breed announced an eviction moratorium, limited to tenants who can't pay rent because of the coronavirus crisis: it will

prevent any resident from being evicted due to a loss of income related to a business closure, loss of hours or wages, layoffs, or out-of-pocket medical costs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can read the full press release here. MORE SOON...

San Jose

As far as we know the first city in the nation to protect tenants during the coronavirus crisis, San Jose was the first city to establish an eviction moratorium. Reporting on the measure's passing, Maggie Angst at the SJ Mercury News reported that Mayor Sam Liccardo said

“I am very mindful that this is going to be a source of pain for some property owners, but I think it’s important for us to recognize that this pain is going to be broadly felt and we have to do everything in our power to try and soften the blow.”

The eviction moratorium in San Jose "will be in effect for at least 30 days and protect residents who can document that they cannot pay rent due to a substantial loss of income related to the virus."


Darwin BondGraham reports that "Councilmember Nikki Bas says she's been working on an eviction moratorium."

UPDATE 3/13:

Via the fantastic Housing Rights Committee SF, news that

the council voted unanimously to send a letter to Alameda County Superior Court asking the court to pause all ongoing eviction cases and reject new filings until the council’s next meeting on April 7. Shortly after, Councilwoman Nikki Fortunato Bas proposed an ordinance that would halt evictions caused by coronavirus income disruptions, which will be heard during the next council meeting.

More from Marisa Kendall at the SJ Mercury-News here.

Los Angeles

Again thanks to Liam Dillon, we have news that an eviction moratorium for LA City:


There is a measure to be discussed in the Sacramento City Council meeting on Friday 13th March to "prohibit evictions for economically impacted renters."

While it's promising that cities are taking steps to protect "economically impacted" tenants, it's far from enough–no-one should be forced to try to find housing in the middle of the coronavirus epidemic, and we strongly encourage local and state leaders to end all evictions during this emergency.


The Sacramento City Council will

Implement by March 20, 2020 all legal options available to the City to prohibit the eviction of renters that are economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as through the use of an eviction moratorium, and report back to Council.

Link to the full report (PDF) here.

Thanks to Parker Evans for the news!


Less positive news via Sacramento Tenants' Union (thread):

New York State

Political leaders have taken up the demand for relief, too: Brooklyn state Senator Julia Salazar and over 20 of her colleagues delivered this letter to the state's judges:

If you're in NYC, you should sign this petition from The Right to Counsel NYC Coalition!

UPDATE 3/12:

Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted that, in effect, the NYC right to counsel program will be extended during the crisis:

And via Rachel Holliday Smith and Ese Olumhense at The City, news that Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence K. Marks has advised the NYC courts system to take steps to prevent transmission of the novel coronavirus at courthouses, including not penalizing people who don't show up because they have "flu-like symptoms." Signs warning people not to enter the courtroom if they have possible symptoms or have been exposed to a potential carrier will be posted, but

the courts stopped short of encouraging delays for people who are merely in a high risk category for acquiring infection — such as the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

We'll update this post as soon as any more protections for New York tenants during the coronavirus crisis are passed.

At a state level, here's Senator Brad Hoylman's proposal:


The Real Estate Board of New York has instituted a voluntary moratorium on evictions for 90 days. We're in shock! Thanks to Josefa Velásquez at The City for the story:


ONE WEEK eviction moratorium in NYC. Full details here (PDF).


Via Georgia Kromrei at The Real Deal, news that there is now a court stoppage until further notice in NY state for all non-emergency cases:


Miami is reported to have suspended eviction executions, although there is no moratorium on court actions that we know of–this seems to be an action by the Miami-Dade Police Department. Via Doug Hanks at the Miami Herald:


Boston City Council member Lydia Edwards has called on the Massachusetts state government to implement an eviction freeze:

We'll update with any progress on this measure.


Rep. Mike Connolly shared news that he and a colleague have proposed a state-wide measure to protect Mass tenants during the coronavirus outbreak:

UPATE 3/14:

There is a statewide eviction moratorium in Massachusetts!!

Philadelphia, PA

Councilmember Helen Gym has introduced a measure to protect tenants from evictions and utility shut-offs:

Coronavirus inspires Philadelphia to consider a moratorium on evictions

Baltimore, MD

Great news - an eviction moratorium has been passed in Baltimore! Thanks to our anonymous tipster for that.

The Baltimore sheriff’s office will stop evicting people from their homes while schools are closed due to concerns about the coronavirus, the mayor announced Thursday night.
Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young, together with the city’s sheriff and a district judge, “put in place a policy to allow people to remain in their homes while schools and many other government buildings are closed due to COVID-19,” according to a news release.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Via GNO Housing Alliance, news of a short eviction moratorium in New Orleans:

All evictions pending in 1st and 2nd City Courts, which cover the east and west banks of Orleans Parish respectively, will be suspended until April 24, according to a court order released by the judges.
Orleans Parish Civil District Court judges are also suspending jury trials until April 24, they said.

Dayton, OH

Via Mayor Nan Whaley:


Almost all civil cases, including evictions, are on hold:

With the exception of emergency matters and hearings statutorily required to be held, small claims, eviction, juvenile, probate, traffic, and guardianship cases shall be continued.

Note: "continued" means "granted a continuance"–that's legal language for postponed (though yes, it sounds like it could mean "carry on as usual"). Huge thanks to Emily Benfer for the tip & this tweet with the original declaration:


Court cases are also on hold in Delaware:

Coronavirus and Delaware courts: What jurors, others need to know
Delaware’s court system said it has taken “precautionary measures” against coronavirus, a sentiment echoed by the Delaware Department of Justice.

Once again thanks to Emily Benfer for bringing this one to our attention.


Tenant rights group HOME line bring us news that "almost all" eviction cases are on hold:

Let's hope landlords don't start calling every case an emergency!

Seattle, WA

Via Councilmember Kshama Sawant, great news from Seattle: it sounds like an eviction moratorium is in place!

Detroit, MI

Via tenant attorney Marie, news of an eviction freeze for at least part of Detroit:

We're looking for more detail on this story.

Austin, TX

City Council Member Gregorio Casar shared the news that Austin has rescheduled all court hearings between now and April 1st, and has imposed a 60 day moratorium on the issuing of writs of possession.

Other states

Not surprisingly there are calls for an eviction moratorium throughout the United States–even at a Federal level. We'll update this blog as soon as there any new measures are confirmed - if you know of any we've missed, please email or DM us!

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